1890s Bell

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Is that really a smoke alarm?

I think that’s a school bell. Still interesting nonetheless

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I think so. It is possible that it isn’t

That is very possible. It is used for pictures of the 1890s smoke alarms.

That is not a smoke alarm, it’s a bell
Smoke alarms were made in 1902 by George Andrew and was incredibly simple

You’re right about that first part but wrong about the second: the first ionization smoke detector was invented by Duane D. Pearsall of Statitrol Corporation around the late 1960s, while the photoelectric smoke detector was invented by Donald Steele & Robert Emmark of Electro Signal Lab (ESL) in the early 1970s. Prior to those eras automatic fire detection either didn’t exist or was done through heat detectors.

Pyrotronics/PYR-A-LARM started manufacturing smoke detectors in the late 40s (F3/5As). I found an ad for some Pyrene branded ones in an architectural magazine from 1955.

Yes, but I’m pretty sure Statitrol’s found better success & more wide use especially since their detectors used far less radiation & volts than Cerberus’ (which was mentioned in a now-deleted video on Statitrol’s residential units. Also I think it was Cerberus & not Pyrotronics going by what the aforementioned video said).