4007ES power supply

I recently acquired a 4007ES. I read the installation manual, but it’s not clear on exactly how to connect the wires to the transformer. Is there a special connector I need?

There should be a factory installed terminal block to the right of the NAC/Power Supply board that brings out the AC connections from the board.

According to the manual I found on line there is a two pin connector for the AC power (P10) as shown in the drawing below. 4007 came along after I retired so I never saw one live. I would think a pigtail is included in the shipping group to make this connection. This probably a Molex brand connector.

If there’s supposed to be a terminal block, maybe I got sold a lemon. Kcin - is there any way you could provide photos of the connector that the terminal block uses?

I found a picture of the terminal block harness in an Ebay listing. If you can get a good picture of the P10 connector I might be able to match it up with a harness with a mating end. Take note of any marking next to the connector, like hot, neut, or other lettering. If I have a match I can send it to you then you can get a terminal strip at a supply house.

Hmm - my power supply has that white plastic caging over it. I’ll try to get a photo either today or tomorrow.

The cage is to cover the high voltage section of the power supply. The one in the Ebay listing the cage was removed but was in the wide shot. I cropped that part out so the picture of the harness would show up better in the forum. Unfortunately the end of the connector is under the board so I cannot see what it looks like.

Look at the picture and let me know if it looks like this connector might fit. It is a little fuzzy because it was taken with my phone which does not have a macro function. The center to center distance between the connector pins is 4.2 mm. This is a Molex minifit jr.

If you think it might fit I will send it to you. It is on a harness I hacked up for a special use some years ago which I no longer need. Just PM an address to me.