4050-80 Bulb Type?

Hi all,

I have a Simplex 4050-80 light plate (120V AC version) that I will be using for a special project, and need to know the size/style of bulb that goes into the lamp socket. I’m planning on turning the light plate into a decorative piece (along with the horn and backbox) by adding a lamp cord to the light and using it as a decorative lamp to go on display. I’d like to replace the original, incandescent bulb with an LED bulb of the same style so that 1: the plastic light cover won’t warp from heat generated by the incandescent bulb if it is lit for prolonged periods of time and 2: I don’t want to burn out the original 40+ year old bulb. The socket is bayonet style, and I think the bulb is an (S6S?) style bulb, but I’m not too sure. Just don’t want to order the wrong bulb. Any help is appreciated. Thanks again.

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I’d also like to get LED bulbs for the two 2903-9001 light plates I own, but I have no idea where I’d find an LED bulb that:
#1: Is 24VDC.
#2: Is yellow-tinted like a normal incandescent bulb.
#3: Can “fade” on & off also like a regular incandescent bulb.

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Looks like Home Depot might have what you need.

6s6 24v E12 bulbs. It’s the same bulbs I used for my early 4050-80s

Is it an LED bulb that meets all my criteria though? Do you have a link to a listing?

Ohh I didn’t read the LED part haha. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to a listing for LED bulbs