4050's and 4051's

Okay here’s a quick question. Can I make a 4050 sound like a 4051 by powering it with DC and can I make a 4051 sound like a 4050 by powering it with AC? I might get a 4050 and I want a 4051 but I heard that theres away to make it sound like a 4051? Will what I think I could do truly damage it?

Watch my video about converting a 4051 to a 4050, that should give you a good enough explanation.

I’m trying to convert a 4050 to a 4051, not the other way around.

You missed it.

You have to add components to a 4050 in order to convert it to a 4051. Components you probably wouldn’t be able to get ahold of because they are designed specifically for that alarm…

Why not wait until the right time, when you can find a 4051? :wink:

Oh well thanks anyways! Hopefully I can get off this :wink: