4904 help

So attached is a photo of my new Simplex 4904-9137 strobe I got for Christmas. As you can see, I got the strobe on. Problem is, I can’t get it off… Is there something you are supposed to use? I feel like a screwdriver would scratch or bend it.

EDIT: I did mean to resize it, but of course now I can’t take the picture out. Very sorry, not used to posting on an iPad yet!

If I’m not mistaken they make it hard to get it of because there’s some really nasty voltage in there. Does anybody else know if he can get the strobe off?

Those were always a pain in the butt to get apart.

If you look at the back you can see how they go together. The clear lens has hooks that engage with ridges in the red base part.

The only way I ever got them apart was to use a long 1/8 inch blade screwdriver to pry one back enough to release a hook. Then try to keep that one from snapping back in while releasing the next hook. Then hold that side separated while doing the same operation on the other side. Like I said, a real pain in the butt.

The one in the picture has some prying evidence already from being installed and removed.

I think I have some documentation on these. However I can’t make it available until later on Friday or on Saturday.

Picture - yellow arrow points to pry marks.

I can’t seem to get it. I feel like there is a risk of snapping the plastic. Is there?

Here you go, straight from the manual. The strobe only units and the speaker/strobe units share the same manual, so the illustration shows a Speaker unit. The same concept still applies to the strobe only units.

I think its difficult to take off the strobe without cracking it. It shouldn’t be all that noticeable, but you will almost always hear a crack.

Personally, I just use a 4" box to single gang adapter plate, and insert and tighten the screws from the back with needle-nose pliers. Then I attach the mounting plate to the 4" box to mount it. I don’t bother with removing the lens.

That’s a good idea. If you ever need to remove it, you can just loosen the screws on the reducer plate.

Yes, but to access the terminals you need to take off the lens.

Take two pieces of 14-18 guage solid wire and ease them into the terminals. It’s difficult, but then you can use those as pigtail leads.

Yeah, I just keep wires already attached to the back of all my 4904 remote strobes that have this design. To be honest, I look down upon Simplex for this design. I always get so mad when I do have to take the strobe off the base because it’s such a pain.