9/11: One Decade Later

How have some of you remembered the strength and tragedies that occurred on this dark day? Back then, I was too young to understand and could not remember what was going on the day the twin towers collapsed to the ground, claiming the lives of hundreds of our faithful Americans… my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who suffered these losses. :cry:

I remember it quite well, today is bringing back so many terrible memories. I remember it was a clear, crisp fall day. I was in 5th grade, a few months before my 11th birthday. I remember starting school with a science class that morning. The memories are so vivid it’s as if it happened yesterday. I can even remember the exact classroom I was in, the teacher I had. Then the announcement came over the intercom about the towers being struck, I can even remember the time on the clock…

Absolutely aweful. God bless those so personally affected by the tragedy. Hopefully our country, or anyone for that matter, will never have to endure such an act of violence ever again.

Yeah, my 8th grade social studies teacher said that he remembers what he was doing on 9/11/2001, and many other people do too.

For me, I was in 2nd grade when it happened. The school day went pretty normal, until they cancelled the school family picnic that was scheduled for that evening. My mom then told me exactly what happened. She had heard it on the radio that morning. It happened while I was walking to school. Although I was too young to really react, looking back, it was definitely really tragic what happened to the victims. Reading back on the whole plot of exactly how the terrorists hijacked the planes and crashed them into the WTC and pentagon is very scary. I’m just thankful that no one I was close to was killed. I know a kid who was in my 2nd grade class who’s uncle was on one of the planes. A bunch of teachers from my school attended his funeral.

8th grade for me. Our schedule went as follows:

8:16-8:55 - Period 1
8:58-9:37 - Period 2
9:40-10:19 - Period 3
10:24-11:03 - Period 4

For the first three periods we heard nothing about it. 4th Period I had a study hall in the library (which was located in the high school) and they had the TV on in there with lots of people just coming in and watching. One of them was the school social worker asking me if I was okay. Of course I said yes, but at that age unless you’re directly affected by it, you don’t quite grasp the seriousness of the situation. Now, 10:28 is when the last tower fell, but there was so much news footage and replays of the attacks I don’t remember seeing it happen. After 4th period, I went back to the MS and tried to tell everyone about what had happened and every person I spoke to said they had already heard, so sometime during 4th period an announcement was made in the MS. We never got out early, but because of my mental stability, I was only going 1/2 days back then anyway, so I left school at 12:30 like I usually did and the rest of the day I watched news footage. I DO remember seeing 7 WTC collapsing that evening. My neighbor’s birthday is 9/11 and the tower fell just before we went to his house to have cake.

Nowadays, when you see the footage again, you actually get the feeling that there were people on those planes and in those towers and your heart just aches when you see the planes crashing and the towers coming down. I’m glad the memorial at Ground Zero opened today. I know lots of people refused to watch TV this weekend because of the documentaries. I saw the ceremony at Ground Zero this morning, and that was it. I’ve seen all the documentaries and stories (no movies though, I didn’t care for them) that have been made in the last 10 years and when you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much heard all there is to be told. Hopefully now that there’s a place to remember, we can look forward to the future instead of dwelling it all on the past.

I was in 3rd grade. I had never even heard of the World Trade Center or the Twin Towers but since it was 3rd grade, they kept it quiet until after school–when the parents would decide if their children should know. When I saw the news report as a little kid, I saw smoke. Then I saw two towers on fire and even though I did not know what had just happened I knew it was a bad thing. After that my parents explained to me what happened.

I do remember hearing a news report after the event saying that the terrorists flew from PWM-- Portland International Jetport… the airport in Portland, ME, not too far from where I live, to Boston. I wasn’t there but I bet that place was decorated in some way. I heard that place shut down for a few days so they could do some sort of security thing.

I was 11 years old then. I remember in school the teacher was explaining what happened, when I seen it on tv I couldn’t believe it.

Wow… you all seem so affected by it… How do you go by every day knowing you did not loose any family like your mom, dad, or child? … Amazing at how you can carry on…

Who gives a shit? I love how everyone feels like other people care “where were you” it’s like some pathetic way of being “involved.” Good for you… you remember where you were the worst attack happened in America.

God bless the family that lost loved ones that day and I am amazed at their strength 10 years later, how many carry on and how many of the FDNY, NYPD, and PAPD members there that day can still love and do their job.

every one at hudson elementary took their kids home. my teacher said that.

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the two airplane co. was amercan airlines and united airways right?

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I was only 5 when that happened. I didn’t know it happened until my mom put an American flag ribbon on the antenna of our car. I didn’t really learn what had actually happened until elementary school.

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