A question for all the European enthusiasts

I’ve always been fascinated by European fire alarm systems. I have decided that I would like to create a European-themed demo system. Still, I am WAY more familiar with US / Canada systems, so I wondered if any European enthusiasts have any recommendations on what devices I should, im looking to get 2 call points, 1 sounder strobe, one strobe, and a smoke detector. I was also wondering if conventional smokes can have a beacon on the dector, and if addressable EU devices could work on my NFS2-3030. I also saw a photo of this online and was wondering if anyone would know where to get one of would be willing to trade for one.
Screenshot 2024-06-17 160528

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Get a KAC call point with a Fulleon Roshni sounder


The notifier addressable devices all run CLIP or OPAL (which is flashscan) so it will work. There is one of these sounders on eBay but is on the expensive side in my opinion. EBay has a lot of options of European notifier.
EDIT: that sounder pictured is addressable. It may work if programmed as sounder base or control module but i do not know. All other initiating devices and modules should work except some advanced multi sensors.

Ok, I’ve been looking and I have one more question, would I be able to but a beacon on a smoke dector?

Well it depends. Some detectors support beacon (strobe) bases. There isn’t a a beacon base I believe for pure conventional system. Notifier devices you should get is an M700KACI (get clear LED to have it run on flashscan) also try to get an NFXI-OPT with a B200AP base. They are the base type as your counter parts but also get the base I recommended. For strobe you should get an EATON one of some kind. They are conventional. Also try to get an NFXI opal strobe (these are addressable)

I couldn’t find any sounders that weren’t $200+, but I did find some devices that I found intresting.

#1 Notifier Call Point
#2 Notifier Smoke Detector
#3 Notifier Smoke Base (with sounder strobe) – Would I just program this as a normal sounder base on my 3030?

I think so
I’m not a panel owner tho
I do have 2 addressable devices in my collection tho

I think the base would work. you must get a b200ap for it to work though. there are a couple notifier addressable sounders on ebay. maybe they dont ship to the US. you can also use system sensor branded ones i believe.