A Unique Speaker Strobe Combo

I thought this was a bit unique because I’ve never seen a Wheelock speaker on a Simplex strobe plate.

This is one of four remaining strobe plates that hasn’t been replaced with a TrueAlert as well. The other three still have Simplex speakers.

Yeah that’s kinda weird. A device similar to that one was shown in this safetech video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry5OR12uBEk&t=4s

That is quite unique I must say! It’s a good combo though as the Wheelock speaker fits perfectly on that Simplex strobe plate (aside from the color difference).

Another oddity just in the system itself is that even though it’s in a hospital it sounds in slow whoop. (Panel is probably a 4100U or 4100ES)

I completely agree. It’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the bulky Simplex speakers on the other strobe plates.

A Wheelock speaker on a Simplex strobe plate made for vintage mecanical horns! That is very unusual because most Wheelock speakers like this have a strobe.

It being unusual is why I documented it. Especially since it and the other three could be replaced with TrueAlerts at anytime.

There’s a few videos on YouTube of that tone being used in hospitals.
It’s still much quieter than the mechanical horns (Faraday 6140, the high-volume version of the 6120) that I saw in a hospital once. However, those horns were in what appeared to be an outpatient medical office building, not the main hospital which has speaker/strobes.