A very interesting Soundolier speaker

I found this at the Oliver Ocasek building, which is now the new home of the Akron municipal court (first two floors) along with some state offices on the remaining three. The building was built in the early 80s on the site of an old Ohio National Guard armory. I’m not sure what the original system was, but it does have a Siemens system (I’m not sure of the panel) consisting of MS 51s, adressable Siemens smokes, Wheelock LED (non-Eluxa) wall and ceiling speaker/strobes, ZRS strobes (again, wall and ceiling), and these speakers (white ones in the stairways and dark gray ones in the hallways to match the aluminum ceiling, which is the same color), which resemble smaller variants of these Lowell units.

image from an eBay listing:

the weird Soundolier units:

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