A Very Unusual Use for a Fire Alarm

Here’s the story. So I went to Iowa to visit my relatives last summer (bad weather in Texas delayed us some), and as a result one of the airports we had to wait inside in was Dallas-Fort Worth. I was sitting there minding my own business when all of a sudden, I heard the familiar chirping of a Code-3 alarm. I got a little anxious, but it quickly stopped. Upon further inspection it turned out to be a Wheelock AS that was white and had a blue lens on it. It was mounted up above the jetway door on the ceiling. I asked a desk clerk “What is that?”, and she replied it was a door alarm :shock: I didn’t know fire alarms could be used as door alarms too.

As long as they’re not marked for fire use (i.e., no “FIRE” lettering) it’s fine, but using code-3 as a general alarm signal is not good news, and is warned against doing so. Code-3 is supposed to be for fire signalling only.

That’s unfortunate then for the people who did that installation job. They should have set the AS door alarm to “Continuous.”

Ok you need to CHILL with the posts for the night… Ok? Go to bed please.

You do not need to question the installation when you do not even have the basic knowledge of what the alarm is used for or what the requirements are.

Well, I know that it’s used as a door alarm…

I think we established that.

You know what? You’re right, and I’m sorry for doing that Jake. And you were also right about chilling with the posts and going to bed. The 5 years I’ve been off the board, I’ve grown to be more mature. I guess I’m just a little rusty on the forum rules. :frowning:
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No, fire alarms aren’t used as door alarms. Fire alarms are used as fire alarms. Notification appliances similar to ones used for fire alarms may be used for other uses, but in those cases, they aren’t fire alarms.

However it can create confusion, especially for a blind person.

Heaven forbid the guy use the wrong term. FYI is a notification appliance no matter if its used for fire alarms or door alarms. So you fail at correcting him.

The more updated term is something like “fire protective signal”

The type of alarm used, and the listing depends on the TYPE of application in which it is used. Something Fallin can not explain to you.

Yeah…good point. Well for me, open mouth, insert foot. :oops: