Ademco voice evac?

Did ademco do voice evac? i saw a spectralert classic voice evac system the other day with ademco pull stations, and i have never heard of ademco voice evac.

Pretty sure Ademco never did since they were mainly in the security side of the life safety industry: more than likely the system you saw has Ademco pull stations that are left over from a previous system; the current one likely has a Notifier, Fire-Lite, or maybe even Gamewell-FCI panel or voice panel (as these brands are commonly used with System Sensor signals since all are owned by Honeywell).

It has lit up ademco fire and security keypads.

Those could be (& are likely) Honeywell keypads instead, since Honeywell acquired Ademco (via acquiring its parent Pittway Corporation) in 2000 & since then they’ve delved into the fire side of the industry some.

so, in a way, there could be ademco voice evac, just not directly by ademco?

Unless you mean siren drivers I don’t believe so.

I doubt it, I think the panel is tied into an Audiosone or EVAX FCVP.

Like I said, the most likely brands for the panel or voice panel to be are Notifier, Fire-Lite, or Gamewell-FCI, since they along with System Sensor (the supplier of the signals in the system) are all owned by Honeywell.