An Important Message from The Fire Panel

To whom it may concern:

We are dedicated to the spread of knowledge in the field of fire protection and life safety. Making quality content remains the cornerstone on which The Fire Panel was founded.

The Fire Panel is committed to bettering the fire protection and life safety community. It does not tolerate, nor does it condone, the spread of false, misleading, sensational, or inaccurate information directed at other members of this community. The Fire Panel also does not tolerate nor condone harassment toward any member of this community. We strongly disavow any individuals engaging in this sort of activity. When this is allowed to happen, the integrity and reputation of the entire community is tarnished.

The Fire Panel is a separate entity from the Fire Alarm Technicians and Collectors Discord server. While there has been overlapping membership in the past, the general partners of The Fire Panel have not been involved with nor affiliated with with the operation of the Fire Alarm Technicians and Collectors Discord server since stepping down on 26 February 2021. The Fire Panel acknowledges that this should have been made clearer, and sincerely and deeply apologize for this confusion.

To this end, the general partners of The Fire Panel, LLC have departed the Fire Alarm Technicians and Collectors Discord server to focus on producing content for The Fire Panel’s YouTube channel. The Fire Panel Forums will remain online and operational as a place for the community’s discussion to continue to foster as it has for nearly two decades.

The Fire Panel, LLC thanks you for your understanding and your support.

The Fire Panel, LLC


A copy of this letter can be seen here.