Anyone have any info on the Edwards 1452 Panel?

So I recently got my Edwards 1452 panel, but I honestly have no idea how to hook it up or test it. It’s probably a long shot, but does anyone have a manual at all for it, or any information?

From what I can give you guys, the panel most likely takes 120V, but I’m not sure what to connect it to. There are terminals on the bottom of the panel that read in order: L1, LG, B+, B-, then a bunch of auxiliary contacts. I’m assuming the L1 & LG are for the main power supply, and B+ and - are for the batteries. There is 2 signal circuits, one of which has 3 terminals, Labelled WH, RED, and X. I have no idea of any of the output voltages the panel gives out in terms of the signal circuits, trouble bell circuit, or the auxiliary contacts.

Any information is greatly appreciated. I can even post some pictures if anyone wants.