April Fools!

Have you had any practical jokes played on you or have you played jokes on others? Thankfully, I have yet to be pranked, although I saw a wicked funny episode of The Price is Right today, where everything just kept going wrong. :lol:

Nope, but I have pulled a few on others.

No pranks today so far.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been less fond of April Fool’s Day. You can’t trust what anyone says.

I said stuff to some people at school that someone is coming to fix the fire alarms and there was going to be a fire drill. I tricked them that it was April Fools day.

Wow… rebel right here people…

One of the blogs I frequent got me good. The blogger made a post saying she was changing the name and focus of the blog.


Was it this loon?

That would be the correct blog.

I figured…