Are strobes not required for outdoor NAs?

I’ve seen plenty of outdoor NAs in my area that are just horns. No strobe. The NAs inside will have strobes.

No,because the outdoor NA is not for evac it is typically used for the fire dept. to spot out the building that the alarm system has activated in stripmalls so they dont go store to store trying to find the fire.

They also have fire beacons which are super bright red strobes designed to alert the fire department.

As for the NAs, I think these are used for evacuation, because it would be hard to hear them over the firetruck’s engine and siren. Wouldn’t you say so? For example, my gym has a fenced in playground for the children, and the only NA on the outside is in that fenced in area. Schools have them all around the building to alert the children. Most stores just have one by the front entrance, to alert people who are coming in.

It all depends on the AHJ.

The requirements depend on the AHJ, but their purpose does not.

Ex: Some AHJs might require a fire beacon, while other may not, but it would be a known fact that they are for attracting the attention of the fire department.

I’ve seen strobes outside many businesses in my area. Mostly vertical strobes that look like Wheelock, and bells.

Yeah, pretty soon you will notice more horizontal strobes. I don’t think there is any current model of NAs with a vertical strobe when installed correctly (exlcuding the 120VAC Gentex GXS). This is to provide more light coverage.

EST still makes the Integrity series.

Yes, you are correct. I forgot about those. You’d think they would have modified them with the horizontal strobe.

My high school has a Wheelock AS horn/strobe outside on the former aquaculture building.