Are we doing anything about the Spammers?

Just wondering, have the administrators taken any steps to stop all the spammers? There have been multiple spam posts every day for teh past week or so and im seing that some of them are by the same users, dont we ban them?

Banning will stop that particular “user”, but that won’t stop more “users” from registering and posting more spam.

The only thing I can do is ban and delete posts, but the real prevention lies within Ben’s power, and as has long since been the case, he refuses to do anything about it…

Dan is the only staff member still active on this website. I have to say it bothers me a little that i have been saying this for a while but obviously no on reads those posts…

Dan is doing a fantastic job IMO.

I am not seeing the crazy porn they were in the past (not that it was always a bad thing haha) I would just say, suck it up. Dan has better things to do than babysit this place.

Oh I agree, Dan is doing a awsome job! I was just wondering if Ben was doing anying about it…if someone has his number, they should call him, i think thats the only way to get to him

Ben doesn’t do anything. He is useless he is out busy protesting.

Your useless admin!

Oh boy…

I sent him messages as many ways as i could, but alas no responce. I think i remember someone saying that they had his work phone number, if you could try and call him via that, I think that would get the message accross to him to do SOMETHING.

Best bet is probably calling either the local police or the Church of Scientology. My bet is both of them have their eye on this nut job. He “works” as the office bitch for a useless non-proffit in DC.

By the way… His last post on the forums was from 2009. His last log in was 06 Apr 2011. Just more evidence the useless shit has no plans of doing anything. He should make Dan an admin and just let Dan take over control of the forums or he should just pull his head out of his ass either one would be fine.