Arrow Hart & Hegeman Alarm - Any info?

Hi, I recently acquired this alarm from an auction and would like to get some information about it, as I have been unable to find anything like it in my research. The base is wood. It is marked “Arrow, Hart & Hegeman, Made in USA,” and has a 5 digit number on it also. Does anyone know what this was used for? Any other info would be appreciated also. Thanks.

I can’t figure out how to post pictures. Could someone help???

Welcome to the forum! To post pictures, click “Choose File” in the attachment section, select a picture on your computer, then click “Add the file”. The pic will be there when you submit your post.

Here are some pics, but they are bit out of proportion as I resized them. Thanks.

One more pic.

To me it looks like somebody mounted the alarm on the stand to do either: 1. Use it as a portable, general usage horn, or 2. It was part of a collection, and displayed on a shelf. Most horns like that would have been used in large industrial work areas where a loud sound would be needed to alert workers of shift changes, fire, severe weather, or possibly, with how old it looks, an air raid attack.

Just curious, have you tried plugging it in to see if it works? If not yet, I’d replace the cable first and clean it out on the interior.

No haven’t tried it yet. Definitely plan to use some ear plugs when I do.:slight_smile: Good advice concerning the cord.