Calling into a digital communicator

First time posting on this forum…
I’m an electrical contractor who has been doing communication work since the 80s (That’s the 1980’s). I have a question about digital communicators working in conjunction with POTS (or cable modem) phone lines. I understand that the alarm companies call into the communicators for troubleshooting or to change/ add alarm codes. Obviously they use communication software for this. If I call into a digital communicator using a phone am I supposed to hear the communicator “pick-up” the call after a few rings and then hear a sound which resembles a modem? I never did it before and I tried it on the last phone line I connected for the security alarm panel.

That’s the way a digital communicator reports to an alarm receiver. It dials the number, the receiver answers and give a tone. Then some “handshaking” goes on between the two devices to confirm identity. It works the same way from the receiving equipment, except that the communicator only picks up the line after a programmed amount of rings. This allows the customer to answer the phone before the dialer does.

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