Check out this system!! And can someone name the annunciator

This is a very old system it’s a simplex 2001 with 2901-9833s with 2903 strobe plates. I have videos on my channel of this system during fire drills and I have helped with maintenance on the 2001 itself. I cannot believe this is still in operation and in a school the silence feature is broken it’s constantly going off and half the pull stations are busted like one in the front during a drill we opened to activate the alarm and the button got stuck and the alarm wouldn’t shut off lol it’s such a cool system and the continuous coding makes it sound even older because the horns are so bad.

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Looks to be a 2001 annunciator…Not sure…

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It very well could be a 2001 annunciator.

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That is indeed a 2001 annunciator.

Thanks for the reply, NewAgeServer.

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The annunciator could be from the 4246, 4207, 4208, or 2001 panel era. My documentation with the model numbers is long gone.

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Definitely the kind of annunciator you’d find on a 2001 system of the era. Some 4207 and 4208 systems used them as well, even some early 4002 systems IIRC. They were made from at least 1973 up until 1987-1988.