clear strobes.

Is 1994 the year when strobes were required to be clear, as opposed to translucent?

I think it was actually 1996. But I recall reading one thing that the main requirements are that the strobes flash in white, be at least 15 candelas and flash at least once a second. And there aren’t many translucent strobe signals that flash at 15 candelas or higher…

Yeah it is 1996. Strobes have to be at least 15 candela and they are clear because it provides more light coverage.

The MASS24M is 15 candela but does not have a clear strobe… and it isn’t considered ADA. Believe me, even though it is much brighter, it doesn’t have as much coverage as a clear lens strobe.

The strobes I have found interesting are those that are partly clear and partly translucent. The front of the strobes are clear and the sides are translucent.

Some what like the MT4-24-M or something like that?

Obviously you neglected to read the newly-updated rules.

Were red strobes ever aloud? A Wheelock MT (or something like it) on the outside of one of the buildings at my school has a red strobe. It has since been replaced with a Gentex Commander 3.

Yes, red strobes were occasionally used prior to the 90’s. That MT is probably used for something other than fire alarm signaling though.

I have a red Wheelock WST-24 strobe rebranded by Honeywell. They weren’t used very often.

I know for sure that it is for fire signaling, because I saw it go off during a false fire alarm, lol.

Where did you get your WST-24 and what was it used for previously?

I do not own a WST-24, the one I was talking about was installed at my school.

Actually, this is not the kind my school had. The kind my school had are basically the Wheelock MT-24-LSM, but the transparent plastic part covering the strobe bulb was red, I saw another one today, there are still some around the school.

I got it new on eBay (NOS from 1986). I’ve seen them used in fire alarm installations before, mostly by Honeywell.

Ah I see. I know that strobes can come in different colors but then they aren’t used for fire alarm installations.

I think my school had those so if you are far away from the building outdoors, the light will appear red, indicating a fire. You get to a certain distance outdoors where you can only see the light produced by a strobe, and not the strobe itself, which is why red light would be useful.

The strobe on that Advanced looks a lot bigger then normal.

To me it looks normal. Just compare it to he size of the concrete block it is mounted on.

So outdoor signals can have a different colored strobe but not indoor strobes?

I think, but only red. I have never seen a strobe indoors that is red, besides the old ones. Some areas might have codes against this, though.