Collection After 1 Year!

In order from top left to bottom right (the order in which I collected them): Gentex GEC3-24WR, System Sensor PC2WA, Simplex 4906-9127 (broken horn), Simplex 4906-9127 (fully working), Simplex 4903-9236, Siemens U-MHU-MCS, Potter LFHS-110R, Wheelock AS-24MCW.

Along with these, I also have a Simplex 4905-9938 SmartSync Module (for the TrueAlerts), a Fire-Lite BG-12L, a System Sensor 4WT-B, and last but not least, a Fire-Lite MS-2.

As I’ve spent close to $400 on everything, I’m probably going to slow down with the collecting for now, but that probably depends on what deals I see on eBay!

Nice collection!

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Nice collection!


Thank you!

i have a gentex gx-100-1a