Compatibility Simplex 4007ES

Are Edward Genesis Horn strobes cross listed for this Panel

That is a question that gets two answers. This is one of the changes in UL 864 9th Edition.

If the question is about these appliances being rated as “Special Application” for the 4007ES Hybrid, the answer is no. The only non Simplex notification appliances that are listed for special application service are the Cooper Wheelock appliances. And then the only documentation I have seen is for 4100U/ES. Possibly for 4010 also.

The 4007ES Hybrid datasheet says:

Special Application Non-Addressable Appliances. Simplex horns, strobes, and combination horn/strobes and speaker/strobes

(contact your Simplex product representative for compatible appliances)

“Regulated 24 DC Non-Addressable Appliances. Power for other UL listed appliances; use associated external synchronization

modules where required.”

The devices in question are rated for regulated 24 DC operation, so they can be used with the 4007ES Hybrid. Be aware that the Regulated 24 DC designation reduces the current rating for the notification circuits and the power supply. This also applies to 4009 NAC extenders.

This excerpt from the Society of Fire Prevention Engineers explains these ratings.

“For compatibility purposes, NACs now are required to be designated as either “regulated” or “special application.” New industry-driven voltage ratings apply to regulated circuits. For example, these include Regulated (REG) 24 DC (direct current) or REG 24 FWR (full wave rectified) ratings and correspond to identical voltage ranges used to evaluate notification appliances. Therefore, a REG 24 DC rated notification appliance would be voltage compatible with a NAC employing the same REG 24 DC rating. When synchronization of the notification appliances is employed, the NAC must be either solely or additionally rated “special application” and the installation documentation will specify the compatible notification appliances by the manufacturer’s name and model number. Synchronization drives NACs to the special application rating because of the unique protocols used by the notification appliances for synchronization and the need for continued performance of the NACs during the application of a single ground fault is appliance specific.”

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