Do you like refrigerators?

I love refrigerators.

I’m not a refrigerator person, but this is relevant: I Love Refrigerators - YouTube

what’s a refrigerator?

its a freezer but warmer

I’m not super interested, but I do have to fiddle around with my combo sometimes because the ice cubes get stuck in the chute! And, heck, almost everyone has wondered if the fridge light stayed on when you closed the door at some point in their lives!

Its a device that keeps your food cold. It consists of a refrigeration system that takes heat energy out of the inside (where the food is) and the refrigerant (R404A, R134A, R448A, etc.) carries that heat energy from the evaporator to the condenser. Which the condenser rejects heat along with a fan. Also to move the refrigerant around to the coils and etc, is the compressor.

I’m like 70% sure she was sarcastic y’all :joy:

They’re pretty cool.

As long as they work. Yes

Yep, as long as there’s no failure or leaks in the system.