Edwards Online store

so I just noticed that that Edwards has an online store, and I wonder, is Edwards the only major fire alarm company that allows you to buy alarms directly from the manufacturer? also, there is something about the website design that makes me think they made the website and forgot it was there or something. I would buy something on the Edwards online store, but I have no money, nor a Job and before I forget, here is the link to the online store Edwards online store

Technically speaking that’s the website of one of Edwards’ divisions, Edwards Signaling, which is more focused on general signaling devices than fire alarm system components (though there are still some on it). As you might have seen it’s somewhat outdated in terms of devices on sale: for instance the xenon Genesises are still listed on the site despite having been discontinued some years ago. I’m also not sure of the process needed for purchasing, so who knows if it’s possible for someone like us to buy something from it.