Electromechanical horn safe with switching mode wall adapter?

I recently got a simplex 2901-9840 horn along with a few other devices soon to be featured on my channel. I have a 24v switching mode wall adapter and I want to know if it’s safe to hook up an electromechanical horn to the adapter or if something will go wrong. I’m not going to wire the -9840 up to my ms-2 since it outputs FWR and may eventually kill the horn.

I believe that model of Simplex horn is the older vibrating type. I do not think those horns are susceptible to damage as a result of FWR but I am sure someone more experienced than I can verify that for us. I’m pretty sure only the modern TrueAlert horns require filtered DC, you could probably hook up your simplex horn to the MS-2 no problem.

That said, you can easily hook up the Simplex horn to your 24v wall adapter, just make sure the wall adapter is rated to deliver more power than your horn consumes. Dataplate on the horn should list its amp draw. Make sure that the connections are secure and wire the contacts of a pull station or switch into the positive line for easy activation.

Thanks, much appreciated!