Hello all,

Can anyone help me with finding out exactly what EOL I need for the zones on a Eurofire 12 zone conventional panel.

We’ve inherited a site and one zone is missing it’s EOL and I have contacted the manufacturer who don’t support the panel anymore and aren’t being helpful

Any help would be appreciated



Put a meter on a good zone and measure resistance

Cheers for that… massive school with 12zones fully populated and we only have a 1 hour time slot after school finishes so finding EOL tricky… if EOL a capacity then is it just measuring what capacitance it is???

Not capacitance. You need to measure the resistance in ohms. Take off a resistor from an unused circuit or if all circuits are being used, take off 1 pair of wires from an input. Put your meter to ohms. Put your leads across either the resistor or the wires. Record the value and purchase a replacement resistor of the same value + or - 5%.


I have run into trouble with the method of just pulling off a wire because sometimes the devices on the line cause their own variations to the resistance. The only sure way is to find a resistor, pull it off entirely and use ohm meter.