ESL 721UD Questions

Hello all.

I recently acquired two ESL 721UD duct detectors from my uncle, who is gutting an old grocery store and giving the FA equipment to me. I now have 1 Spectralert Classic, 1 high-brightness P2R, and about 15 white RSS’s. There’s a chance I’ll be getting the Notifier panel too, but since it’s addressable and the codes are most likely not default, I won’t be able to use it. Anyway, attached are a few pictures of the smoke detector module, and hopefully I can find a use for these things. If not, then I can probably buy a few smokes off eBay…

Photo links are imgur since the pictures are so big.

It says it’s only to be used with a duct base, but can I run these standalone? And what are the pinouts on the circuit board, since I have to disassemble the detector to clean it? Thanks for your help, y’all!

You would probably look into using the 702RE base.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 0_inin.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

I would not attempt to use the detector for any physical public saftey use but I suppose you could play with it this way.

Also, do not attempt to open the detector, just blow it out with a can of air. You should be able to pop the cover off with a thin blade screwdriver to get to the bug filter.

By the way, this took all of 2 minutes on google for the information about the base.

Thank you Jake, but I could not find too much on Google. I might have been searching for the wrong thing. I will try that out when I get a panel.