EST2+Vintage Faraday=?

Our school alarm system is really weird, I really don’t know what to make of it.
So, our school was originally built in 1936. In 2000, a new building was added on.
The new building has EST Integrity, which are obviously compatible with the EST2 proudly mounted in the lobby. But, we have a vintage Faraday alarm system in the old building, which is weirdly compatible with said EST2. Is this even possible?

As long as the alarm has the same voltage rating as the panel does (which I’m assuming is 24 VDC), it will work.

It’s possible that the old fire alarm panel is still operational and activates the EST2 via relay.

If it is done that way, could the EST 2 activate the old fire alarm panel?

I ask this because my school has something similar to this. Our schools last addition was in the 1980s, and everything in the building is connected to the Edwards 6500. But, We also have 3 portables, which is 2 portapaks and a portable. One of the portapaks, the english one, has an Edwards 6616 panel inside it, and it is connected to the other lone dance portable. The former religion portable (it is now used by the board office) has a Mircom FA-1025 panel. I’ve always wondered how these systems work all together, with an Edwards 6500, an Edwards 6616, and a Mircom FA-1025. I know for fire drills our charge custodian is always in the portables, and when the alarms are off in the building, they will still be sounding in the portables until he silences the panel.

Yes, a relay on the EST2 could activate a zone on the Faraday panel.

The EST2 work together with both alarm systems, if someone sets the alarm off in one of the buildings you hear it in the entire school.

That makes sense then! I guess you just have to reset them separately then.