Example of why not to smoke

3 years ago when I was 16 I did a very stupid thing and started smoking. I stoped because my girlfriend hates smoking. I was able to stop (although it was hard), I went a year without smoking at all. Then I started smoking again a little, probably becuase some of my friends smoke. I wanted to just smoke once in a while (which can’t really be done as I found out), I guess I just thought of smoking as part of my image, just like wearing my hat to the side. I figured I can just stop, but I was wrong. A year ago in high school there were times that I just needed a cigarette, I had to have a smoke before my high school baseball games, but I still didn’t realize I was that addicted untill last month. I was on a 2 day family vacation, I didn’t bring my cigarettes since I didn’t intend to smoke then, but I just craved a smoke so bad I had to get a pack. My girlfriend still hates smoking, but she will put up with me smoking, I promised I will quit again. I felt bad that I disappointed my family by smoking. I knew about the dangers of smoking, but I thought I could only smoke once in a while, even though I knew they were addictive, I guess I didn’t think it will happen to me but I was wrong. I hope noone starts smoking, this was my little public service announcement.

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+1, though it’s hard not to light up when i’ve had a couple of drinks or i’m stressed at work.

I’m trying to smoke less and less. At my lifeguard job I get 3 breaks, and I have been only having a cigarette on one of my breaks. I don’t like smoking when I’m around other kids that don’t smoke, I hope noone else starts, most of the other lifeguards I work with don’t smoke, there is only one other that does. I usually smoke in my car when I’m driving, my girlfriend is putting up with it as long as I promise to try to quit. Today I just had 5 cigarettes, so I’m cutting down a little.

Good Luck quitting 8)

I was making progress smoking less and less, but now my girlfriend is away at college. I miss her soooooo much, plus she discourages me to smoke. So I am smoking a little more now. I go to a local community college, and I usually end up smoking between classes, but I try not to.
Its good to see that teen smoking seems to be going down. My age group (18-20) smoking was fairly common in high school (which was just a year or 2 ago). My brother is in high school now and says smoking in the 15-17 year old age group is very rare.

Today was the great American Smoke-Out, a day for smokers to quit or go without smoking.
I promised my girlfriend and my parents that I would not smoke today. My girlfriend sent me a text every hour or so reminding me not to smoke. At my college I noticed noone was in the outside smoking area today, so thats a good sign that alot of other kids that smoke are trying to quit. I made it through the smoke-out without a smoke.

Kids smoking is not rare its just done in secret. They can’t do it in front of administrators or their parents so they go and hide out and spray them self’s with perfume or cologne and chew 1000 pieces of gum to get rid of the disgusting smell.

You don’t enter high school and just start smoking it almost always starts in middle school and gets worse from there. I have never done it it is the stupidest thing ever. I have been in smokers houses and always see junk sold on TV some place. I guess if you can convince someone to smoke you can convince them of anything because doing it is just that pointless. I mean really whats the point of it?

You should not need a day telling you to do it. IF you care about your self, your health and the way people look at you you should work on quitting. I have asthma so even being near people who smoke bothers me not only personally but my breathing is effected not only that but they just smell bad no mater what they think.

Quite frankly I do not want to be exposed to others who chose to hurt their own health I hope eventually that inside the privacy in your own home as long as children do not live in the home is the only place you can do it. It should be illegal around children and in public as far as I am concerned.

Good luck.

Cigarettes are a tax on the stupid.

You know they are a tax on us Dan as well…

Everyone on welfare that buys them are using our money to buy a product that ruins their health.

Should be illegal for those on welfare or any other government assistance for that mater to buy such products.

Certain corner stores here take payments through food stamp EBT cards for anything including liquor and tobacco.

They ring up phoney receipts and overcharge about 30 percent for this “service”.

Come on Dan! How else do you expect these fine folks to get their beer and smokes … whats wrong with you!

LOL seriously this is the kind of stuff that really gets me we know it happens and no one DARE do anything about it…

Well, we shouldn’t get to have a say on what poor people get to buy even if they’re poor.

We should if the money they use comes from tax dollars. It’s not fair for tax payers to foot the bill for cigarettes and liquor.

I’m sorry but we really have little say in where our tax money goes. If people only wanted their money to go to only things they liked, nothing would ever get funded.
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I disagree and you are misinterpreting the statements above. People who WE provide funds to … should 100% be limited on what they spend money on.

When people are using money provided to them by the government we have an absolute say in what they spend it on. People living off me (and I loose a nice chunk of my pay over 140 dollars) and all of us who have jobs we word hard at who use government support should not be spending it on things that do not benefit not only them but their family and their children. Money we provide them can be restricted to certain items. If not only because you can argue their smokes and booze are pointless but it just hurts their kids health and the booze gives them the drunken rage they need to beat their wife and kids.

If you do not think you can control what the government spends money on I hate to say it but you are dead wrong. Call your reps, call your congressmen, call your media outlets you might be amazed at what government funded waist has been stopped because people have made a stink about it.

That makes about as much sense as my parents and grandparents dictating how I spend the money they give me. Honestly, I don’t think it’s anybody’s business if people on welfare buy cigarettes or alcohol. Not every person who drinks is going to beat their family. People need to mind their business. We’re allowed to live our however we want no matter who we are. Plus taxes are the government’s money. Luickily, we will never get to the point where we control wlefare’s recipients’ spending habits; it’s totalitarian and classist.

We already DO control how people on welfare spend money. That is why Dan mentioned the fraud being committed at stores in his area. Cash you are given as a gift is different then money we give people for cloths and food and basic necessity’s like gas to get to work and to pay their bills (if they can work/have a job). Smokes and booze are not necessary and it should be a crime for those on welfare to buy such products.

I hope we DO control their spending 100% not only that but we should be checking up on them more often to make sure they are spending it correctly making sure their kids are taken care of and they are using it wisley.

People are on welfare for many reasons and not to get into an argument and trash people as there are plenty of good people on welfare but there are plenty that abuse the system and we need to prevent it. There are thousands of people who could use the money we give to the government that is then spent by those on welfare on drugs, smokes, and booze and the money could be spent in much more important places. It is not a handout its ASSISTANCE.

This is one of the few times I have had to agree with Jake, but he’s absolutely right. I’ll be damned if ANY of money hard earned cash is going to some dipsh-- who uses it to get wasted. If my money is going toward a less fortunate person, and it is, then I want them to at least spend it on necessities and not go and blow it on something that further ruins their life.

I am very impressed that you and I have found a common ground! I am enjoying this moment of non debate between you and I. haha.

I agree Firefly. I am all for helping out those that need it but there are limits and booze and smokes just don’t fall into that Sorry U-MMTeen I have to disagree with you 100% here.

Welfare spending needs to be curtailed and closely monitored, however, local authorities have more pressing issues.

If you’re so desparate that you need welfare, you’ve got more important things to worry about besides needing a smoke or a cold one. Unfortunately, the welfare system in this nation has been abused and manhandled so much that it deserves the substandard reputation it has.

We can’t all predict our economic future, but part of having a job and being on your own means being responsible. Being responsible is NOT: developing expensive and unhealthy addictions, having children before you’re able to take financial and parental responsibility, unwise spending (hey, I think I need a new flat screen), getting into legal trouble… the list goes on…

The welfare system was intended to give people a helping hand until that person or family pulls themselves up. Of course, most of us know trailer park trash who purposely have extra kids just to keep the welfare checks coming in each month. I personally had to live next to a family like that. Nobody in the family worked, they received welfare and food stamps, but I could smell them smoking clear from my place, and it wasn’t always cigarettes… bill collectors knocking on my door constantly looking for them…

You’re not on welfare to live the free life, you’re on welfare to support your family’s basic needs while you look for income. There is no reason someone can’t find a job, even if you make federal minimum wage at McDonald’s, your annual income will be above the federal poverty level… irresponsible decisions will bring you into poverty. And no offense, I’m not paying for you to sit on your ass and watch TV all day while you make excuses to not find a job. I’m also not paying for you to blow money on addictions when you’re supposed to be using it to better yourself and pull yourself back up.

I used to inspect city housing for poverty in Harrisburg. Flies, maggots, trash everywhere. clothes all over the place, so much stuff on the bedroom floors that I couldn’t open the bedroom door! trash not taken out, barely any food… but they had a big screen TV and the latest video games, and a laptop! that’s my money hard at work.

but then, maybe having a mortgage and being forced to be more responsible has made me more of a conservative…