Faraday 4126 weird sound

Hi I have recently received a Faraday 4126 dual projector fire alarm horn that, according to the tag, is 12VDC. I have powered it with a single 9v battery along with trying 2 9v batteries together for 18v, and there’s one problem.

When it sounds, it doesn’t sound like a typical alarm, in fact it’s a very quiet alarm almost like the sound is muffled or simply isn’t coming out of the projectors. Someone in a chat said that a port at the root of the stem of the projector is closed, while others said it sounds normal. I’m not entirely sure what is going on with it, and I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge on these older horns to please reach out, it would be greatly appreciated!

(Below is a picture of it)

Maybe you could try taking off the projector horns and see how it sounds or if there is something plugging it.

How would I take off the projectors? I tried looking through them and nothing is plugged in there

I think this unit might be 12 V AC, you need a special power supply for that. find the tag on this unit and if it says “60” Under “cycles” or “CYC,” it is AC powered.

Nope it says DC

yours is rare. I never knew there were DC variants of these alarms. try using a single 9 V battery and see what happens, That’s about as close as you can get to 12 V DC.

you’ll probably have to use a DC adapter that converts outlet voltage into DC voltage

I tried that, it sounds the same as described in original post.

But just now I did take off all the outer screws to see the inside if that’s the problem but the top is stuck on the enclosure, so I put the screws back on as to not risk damage.

yours is a UNI-PACT model (the rear screws connect to the mounting base).

try adjusting the volume screw (If there is one) and see if that will do anything. you have to remove all the front screws to access the mechanism

Where would I find the volume screw? And yeah I did take off the outer screws on the front to see the mechanism, but it’s stuck to the enclosure.

You can try and use WD-40 on one front screw that is stuck. I do believe it is on the back of the mechanism (take a look at Restoration Station’s video on a similar unit that he restored)

Oh no it’s not the screw that’s stuck, it’s the whole top part.