FCI 7100 - adding smoke heads/codes

Does anyone know how we can add additional smoke heads, pull stations and strobes to existing FCI 7100 series fire panel that we do not have the code for? It was installed 10 years ago and outfits have been telling me if we don’t have the code we will have to purchase a new board. Thanks for any help!

Assuming this is a professional system that is actively used for life safety then it shouldn’t be touched by anyone other than a licensed, qualified professional, and if you aren’t qualified I recommend that you consult with a licensed fire alarm technician.

Many companies don’t change the passwords from the defaults which can be found in the manual. If the company does change the passwords, you might be out of luck. You can try contacting Gamewell-FCi, sometimes they’re able to unlock panels. Common passwords for panels sometimes include zip codes, local phone numbers, simple sequences like 1234, etc. If you can find the company who did the original installation (look for a sticker on the panel or any dialer that was used, check the manuals and inside of panel cabinets, sometimes the installer company or its phone number is written somewhere there), they should have all the codes that were used.

That said, adding strobes can be done in a multitude of ways on the FCI 7100 - control modules, unused NACs, NAC boosters, expanding existing NACs (but don’t forget current draw limits), etc. Most of these options would require programming since most installers disable NAC outputs that aren’t used, so they’d have to be manually configured after the loop is installed.

Adding smokes and pulls requires programming. Points can be added manually one by one, or the entire system can be re-programmed using an Autoprogramming function. Not sure if the 7100 has that capability. Any of these options requires a programming code.

It seems like this installation is pretty recent but depending on who the AHJ is, you may need to bring the entire system up to whatever current code is if you’re doing expansion work on it. The local fire alarm vendors would have this information. Make sure that all work is done by a licensed and qualified professional.

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Thanks for the information.

We have no record on who installed it. No stickers or information anywhere on or inside the panel. I’ve had multiple vendors out and they cannot touch the panel if we don’t have the password. No manuals exist as well. I will call fci, but I highly doubt they will know what the orgianal installers set the password as. Any idea on getting the original password before we have to replace the entire board? (That is what vendors are telling me if we don’t have the password).

I am not aware of a back door into the programming section of the 7100. What I would try is to press the menu button, 7 for Info, enter the default level 1 password that I will send you in a PM. I think you can find some information in that section about who last programmed the panel.

I would then call Gamewell-FCI and see if they can figure out what distributor of theirs installed the system – there are a limited number in any given area so it shouldn’t be too difficult. What you’ll want to do is get in touch with that distributor and ask them to either give you or come out and change your level 4 password. They may charge you a fee, but it will be considerably less than a new panel. (Hopefully they are still around. If you really can’t reach them your options are more limited.)

They should be responsive to that as long as there are no liens or outstanding service or monitoring bills. In fact, I believe it is a requirement that they provide or change those codes on request, although that would be region specific and I can’t quote any specific laws or regulations.

Consider, however, that it may be more cost-effective to have the original installer make the changes to the system since they already have the codes.

You won’t need to access programming to add a few horns or strobes to an existing circuit. You definitely will to add smoke detectors, pull stations, or anything else, however.

Hopefully that gets you somewhere. The 7100 was recently discontinued so the boards will be harder to find and pricey. Installer codes can be a pain, but they do serve a purpose – they keep just anyone from making changes that could put people’s lives in danger.

Thank you for the information. Appreciate it!

Hello! I know this is super old but I am DESPERATE. I have a Gamewell 7100 Series that we just took over management and nobody has the code and I need to add some nodules. Can someone send me the code?