Feeling nostalgic but not powerful getting to know a Cerberus mxl

Hi all - New to fire panel troubleshooting and getting started on a Cerberus Pyrotecnics mxl (Siemens) panel that has been discontinued.

The error condition is low battery. The batteries were replaced within the past 12 months. Multimeter tests show zero voltage across the batteries, 120V into the panel, 13.2v at the panel, and continuity across all fuses.

I seem to be missing the connection to/from the battery charger itself. Appreciate you sharing any experience or guidance.

Thank you.

maybe try replacing the batteries with spares if you have them and their compatible with the panel an see if that works

Replace the batteries

The charger circuit will turn off completely if no batteries connected or voltage is too low. If normal, batteries should be around 27V give or take. You can also check it via the TEST menu under POWER.

Thanks all for the helpful suggestions.