Fire alarm images that hurt to look at

Very interesting…

Yeah, pretty sure that’s just an edit mistake: heck I think that’s actually a photo of a normal monolingual English Advance that’s been edited. Also odd that they used an original SpectrAlert ceiling-mount device instead of an Advance (it’s also a horn/strobe as evidenced by the grille pattern rather than a remote strobe like you said: remote strobes don’t have a grille pattern at all. Besides that though do bilingual ceiling-mount Advances exist?).

Thanks for pointing that out! For some reason I thought that the remote strobes featured a grille pattern in the housing.

I’ve only come across bilingual ceiling-mount Advance strobes on two occasions (once at an airport in Toronto and once at a light rail transit station in my area, the latter being pictured below); I’ve never seen a bilingual ceiling-mount horn/strobe. I’m surprised they’re so rare as I regularly see bilingual versions of every other Advance model, including ceiling-mount speaker/strobes.

As far as I know the only remote strobe with a grille is the Edwards/EST Genesis (for some reason Edwards/EST was apparently lazy when manufacturing them & gave the remote strobes the same holed covers as the horn/strobes). On another note the Advance wall-mount horn/strobe next to it appears to have had its horn opening removed, even though the grille pattern is still present!

Well how about that…