fire alarm NAs detecting smoke.

Have you come in contact with someone who thinks NAs detect smoke? I’ve heard of plenty of people who think this is the case.

So many people think that. I heard someone’s account of it where they freaked out when their friend smoked near a horn/strobe.

Another one i’ve heard before is people who think fire alarms are touch sensitive, and touching them will set them off.

My friend thought that if you, example: throw a ball at a NAC it will go off.


A few years ago when I was in college I visited my girlfriend who was away at college staying in an off campus apartment. They had parties there and allowed smoking, there were always several kids there that smoke (including me, but I quit smoking) . Her roommate kept saying stay away from the fire alarm, I explained that it was just a horn, I even blew smoke from my cigarette right into it, she got scared thinking the alarm was going to sound, but then she ended up believing me. The smoke alarm in the units were single station alarms, the hallway smokes were system smokes.
Sometimes a dorm, hotel room, etc. will have system smoke detectors with sounder bases, sometimes they just sound the individual unit, but in some dorms they cause the system to sound.

When I was younger, I used to believe it was the case. As a matter of fact, I believed it up until I found this place!

When I was in elementary school, I used to think that the commercial smoke detectors and heat detectors at the school weren’t connected to the fire alarm system, but were just like household ones. They detected smoke/heat and then made noise.

My friend thinks that if you pull the stopper on the pull stations then the alarms have activated. And he also thinks that the smoke detectors shoot water out in case of fire. And also what everyone has said. That the alarms turn on by smoke in the NA.

I used to believe that the heat and smoke combo decters i thought the heat tab was a sperkler head

Sprinkler head is what I think you mean.

oh my god what is wrong with me yes thats what i ment to say i need to start reading what i put before i post it thank you

Actually, back in the day, I would think that NA’s would detect smoke and that the actual smoke detectors were supplementary smoke detectors without notification abilities.
Close enough :lol:

Did you think that the smoke detectors would make noise themselves when they detected smoke? That’s what I thought. That they were just like household ones and weren’t connected to the fire alarm system.

I alwaysthought that! Somehow, I’ve grown out of it. But my dad thinks that they do and if they are touched they will go off. So i touched an alarm at our hotel and he said,“That could’ve gone off!!!”