fire alarm panel

im thanking about doing an ms5ud3 fire alarm control panel what do you guys think is it wroth 564.00 bucks plus it is brand new and if so is it safe to turn it on right as i get it out of the box or no

Ouch… that’s a little bit expensive!

have you done your homework about how the panel works?

You can’t just pull it out of the box and expect it to work. It is a very complicated piece of equipment that should be treated with care.

What is your skill level in electrical wiring?

I wouldn’t recommend starting out with that panel. Luckly i purchased mine (MS-5UD3) from a fellow collector or “retired collector” (trainsmaster1212).

Since your a newbie i would recommend a Fire Lite MS-2, or MS-4. Or any other related panels.

Also, you do have basic electric skills right?

ok my wireing level is master because my dad is a electrical engineer but i want a panel that silinces i know the ms4 dose and i have looked at fire alarm control panels and done my math amazon has ms5ud3 for 564.00 so to me i dont think it is a bad price is it? thank you for you recommendations

Okay but have you actually done any wiring and know the dangers of 120 volts?

You mentioned your dad is an electrical engineer – given the tools, wiring, and materials, as well as the manual, I am sure he could help you get it operational.

$564??? WOW. None of us on here would ever think to pay that much money for a fire alarm panel to use for collecting only. If you have the money, go for it if you want, but try searching eBay first to try to find something cheaper than that. If you’re willing to pay $564 you should have no problem buying a used panel (maybe not the same one) for around $200.

ok i will try to get an ebay account because 200 is a lot less then 564

yes i have and know the the dangers of 120 volts and have worked with that kind of voltge before

Alright, just checking. I don’t want you to get hurt. :wink:


The MS5 is a good starter panel but it is a little advanced. Make sure it is what you want. But I also echo the sentiments of the person above saying not to pay more than $200. Reality a good used panel like that one or one similar to it are worth that much but you could manage to get one for less if you are patient. Just remember if you let the smoke out of it than you can’t get the $$ back from the seller. I got a Simplex 4004 15 or so years ago on Ebay for $150, and though it is junk now I got my money’s worth out of it.


Ok thank you all for your help I love fire lite alarms and I know some of you don’t me and my dad have disided to make a home made panel with electronics other than my panel is basic wireing so thank you all for your help


If you are looking for some good eBay sellers, try these:

They have great prices on alarms.

Thanks John!

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Let me know if you need anything, i might have it just not on ebay!

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