"fire alarm pull station inside"

Did your schools have these sign that say “fire alarm pull station inside”? I know that the schools I went to had some.

A school near a house I went to had these, Instead it said “FIRE ALARM INSIDE”. ;

Dosen’t edwards make those for the 270-spo

My middle school has those as big rectangular signs, mounted next to every entry door. At my high school, there is just a little square sticker at the top corner of the door, below the “Fire Extinguisher Inside” sticker.

Well, I would assume that if there was a pull station outside, somebody could pull it easily.

I’m confused. What exactly are you saying? Well, I know that somebody could pull it easy, but since these campuses are partially outdoors, they put those on the door so people could locate a pull station.

No. I meant that if they were attached to the outside walls rather then the inside walls it would be easy for them to pull.

I understood what you were saying, I just didn’t know why you were talking about that, but I see what you mean now.

I was confused, because I said that there were pull station labels on the doors, and you said that if there was a pull station outside, it could easily be pulled. That threw me off track.

You mean as a prank?

Yes, as a prank.

I’ve never seen this at any schools. There are schools in my city though, that have the red light that is above every pull station.

I have not seen any of those signs in this area.

It’s fairly common to see these signs in old psychiatric hospitals. Pull stations would often be located in the stairwells behind locked cabinets so that patients could not set them off. Here are some that were in PA and have since been torn down.

That’s cool. What exactly does the light look like?

what light?

The red light that is above every pull station.

Mostly along the lines of this.

That’s very useful. I think, by law, the word “FIRE”, or “FIRE ALARM” on pull stations should be lit (like an exit sign). Also, whenever, the system is in alarm, the word “FIRE” on notification appliances should light up or flash.

Huh…I have never seen or thought of such thing until now.

The pull stations in the images are really high, and I think the red plates were boxes for NA’s.