Fire Alarm Systems at Callaway Nuclear Plant

Hey guys!

Recently, I’ve been in and out of Callaway Nuclear Plant (Job Shadowing), and I thought I’d report back to you all on what types of fire alarm, and emergency communications systems they have.

Unfortunately I do not have many pics as I did not take many, due to security.

Anyways, Lets get started!

The main security building, which is the first building you walk through:

This small building has 2 panels.

  1. EST Fireshield panel. (3 Zone)
  2. Pyrotronics System 3. (4 Zone)

Horns: Pyr-A-Larm HDC-24C’s
Pulls: Pyrotronics MS-51’s
Smokes: Edwards 521B Smoke Detectors
From what I could tell, Both panels are operating, and it looks like the System 3 Runs the pull stations, and the fireshield operates the new smoke detectors over the GE EntryScan scanners.

Also in the security building, A Simplex remote annunciator that had a sign on it that said (If 4208 Panel shows alarm, Contact Control Room)

Main Office Building:
Panel: Pyrotronics System 3
Horns: Pyrotronics HSD-24’s
Smokes: Pyrotronics DIA-3’s (Or similar)
Pulls: Pyrotronics MS-51’s

Main Turbine Building:
Panel: Unknown. Made by Allison. See attached Picture.
Pulls: Pyrotronics MS-51’s
Horns: Pyrotronics HSD-24’s with Unknown Simplex Electronic Horns here and there as replacements.
Smokes: none seen.

Along one wall, there were about 5 Gamewell M69’s all right next to each other with a sign above it that said “Fire Supression System”

Reactor Control Room, And surrounding areas:
New Panel: Simplex 4100U
Old Panel: Pyrotronics System 3
Horns: Truealerts
Pulls: Simplex addressable IDNET T-bars
Smokes: Truealarm Smokes.

This system is also a Halon Fire suppression System.

Fire Dept Building:
Panel: Simplex 4100U
Horns: Truealerts
Pulls: Simplex Addressable T-Bar’s
Smokes: Truealarms.

Secondary Office Building, and Gym.
Panel: FCI 7200
Horns: FCI Branded Spectralert Classics.
Pulls: FCI MS-6’s
Smokes: FCI ASD-PL2F’s

New Classrooms and Training Center:
Panel: Simplex 4100U
Horns: Truealerts
Pulls: Simplex Addressable T-Bar’s
Smokes: Truealarms.

Reactor Control Room Simulator Building:
Panel: Pyrotronics System 3
Horns: Some unknown Pyrotronics Bells. 10"
Pulls: Pyrotronics MS-51’s
smokes: Pyrotronics DIA-3’s (Or similar)

In the Simulator:
Panel: System 3 set up for halon fire suppression. with abort switch next to it.
Pulls: MS-51’s (Halon Model)
Smokes: DIA-3’s (Or similar)
Horn: Space Age horn on V33 Light Plate. with Danger, Halon alarm etc. sign next to it.

Whole Plant PA System: Gai-Tronics Party Line System.

Outdoor Warning: 2 Federal Signal Modulators. (One on each side of the plant)

And that’s about it!

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I would rather you not post any photos from inside. Thanks.

It’s fine to post pictures from inside. They don’t mind. Only things that cannot be disclosed is the actual “Protected Areas” Ex: The reactor Containment building, Security Dept, etc. But the turbine hall is all okay. its not a vital area. But I will not post any more photos just in case.

I am very familure with the security operations of a nuclear facility. I again would rather the photos not be posted here.

I am not comfortable with the link between being able to google the name of the plant that must meet federal security standards and then have photos of the interior posted here.

Typically plants have a media person or public affairs officer. They should be the individual controling how photos from the inside are handled.

Could you possibly remove the photo for me? I don’t see an option on my end.