fire alarms in Michael's Arts and Crafts.

What kind of fire alarm system does your local Michael’s Arts and Crafts store have?

All of the Michael’s I’ve been into either have very old systems with Pre-ADA strobes or lack a fire alarm system altogether.

There are 2 near me.

Store #1:
Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS
LCD-40 Annunciator
Spectralert Advance’s ceiling mount

Store #2:
Fire-Lite MS-10UD
Fire-Lite BG-8 only 1 pull - located near front door
Wheelock AS only 1 h/s - located near front door
and a bunch of system sensor i3’s threw out the store.
note: the FACP, is flush mount with all the alarms as well, the panel is located above the pull station.

The original setup had Gamewell Centuries (dual action) and EHS-DL1s. I believe they had a Gamewell Zans.


They did upgrade recently to Spectralerts and BG-12s. The DL1s are covered with red boxes, and the old panel is labeled FIRE ALARM TERMINALS.

How frustrating. Well, I guess AHJ rules. :mrgreen: