fire drill forms

Did any of the schools you went to use them? An elementary school I went to had them. During each fire drill, the teachers would have to fill out the forms.

maby it is like a roll call fourm.

Yes, and it may also be used for records. The teachers might also be writing how the students performed.

Yes. I think that is probably it. My first elementary school I went to used fire drill forms. The forms were on the wall by the door. Each time there was a fire drill, the teacher would grab one of the forms and be required to fill it out. I had thought back then that all schools used fire drill forms, however my second elementary school, middle school and high school did not have them.

My elementary school had the forms, but they only started USING the after I graduated.

There seems to be more and more paperwork these days.

My bus driver was telling me how she used to enjoy her job, until they started making everyone fill out paperwork, and do all of this extra stuff.