Fire lite MS-4424B questions

Hello, I am getting a Fire-Lite MS-4424B panel very soon. I have a few questions for anyone willing to help me.

  1. Do I put a ELR directly across the plus and minus of the last device? (Like a device with only 2 terminals) I just want to check because to me it seems like the resistor would immediately short out upon alarm.

  2. Are the polarity of the panel board terminals shown in Supervising state or alarm state?

Thank you!

#1: Given that that doesn’t happen with pretty much all other panels that use EOL resistors it should be fine if you connect it like that.
#2: It should be the same regardless of state (even though most panels put out a small amount of current with the polarity reversed to check & make sure that all devices are connected properly, it’s not something you should have to worry about as the polarity is otherwise always the same).

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