Fire Protection Jeopardy

What is QuickStart?

Correct! The Quickstart was a line of panels made by Edwards in the 2000s and 2010s. There were three models: the QSC, which was a conventional panel, the QS1, a 250 point addressable panel, and the QS4, a hybrid panel. They are notorious for their CPU faults. They’re also very cheaply made.

We miss you, Alex. Thank you for almost 36 years of Jeopardy.

This standpipe class is designed for trained building personnel and is very rarely installed in new buildings anymore.

what is class II?


This firefighting agent can be abbreviated with the acronym “AFFF”.

What is Aqueous film forming foam?

Correct! Sorry, been awhile since I checked up on this topic.

This type of valve allows for water to only flow in one direction, and two of them arranged one right after the other are referred to as a “backflow preventer”.

What is a check valve?


This clean agent is also known by its more lengthy, scientific name of bromochlorodifluoromethane.

What is Halon 1 1 2 1?

That is incorrect, I’m sorry.

Other contestants?

Over a year, but the answer to that one was “What is Halon 1211?”.

Here’s an interesting one; take a look at this photo.

This letter is attached to the component of the sprinkler riser that will drain all the water out of the system. It may even activate a waterflow alarm!

What is the tag that has the letter “D” as in Dallas?

Pretty sure that the components responsible for draining down a sprinkler system & sounding a waterflow alarm are two different things: the main drain valve is used to drain the water out of the system, while water flow is annunciated through either a mechanical water gong or by a waterflow switch hooked to an electric bell (or to a fire alarm or fire suppression panel that then sounds an electric bell).


The main drain is used to drain the system, but oftentimes since it is arranged either downstream from the alarm line or the waterflow switch, opening it will trip the waterflow alarm as well.
Per Section of NFPA 13, main drain connections are allowed to be used as test connections. Modern riser components can sometimes include a combination main drain/test connection valve, like this one here:
At one position, it is completely off. Turn it to the first position, and it opens a small opening to allow enough water to flow to trip the waterflow switch. Turn it to the second position, and it completely opens the ball valve, allowing for a main drain.
Not all wet pipe systems are set up this way, and many still have a separate main drain valve and inspectors’ test connection.

This letter is attached to the component that can prevent false alarm activation, by creating a small “buffer” or delay that allows water pressure to fluctuate without activating the alarm.

This type of wire is used to power a life safety fire alarm system. Anyone?