Firelite MS-2

Tomorrow I’m Going To Go And Pick Up My Panel From The UPS Warehouse. I Got It From My Old School District (Rare To See Non-Addressable Systems There). Its In Mint Condition In Box So I Hope It Was Worth The Money And Hours Of Reading Manuals And NFPA Codes.

Please Do Not Type Like This. It Gets Pretty Annoying And It’s Hard To Read. Thank You.

(Please do not type like this. It gets pretty annoying and it’s hard to read. Thank you.)

I don’t think there is a rule about how to type on the forum…

It’s a suggestion.

Well, i think the OP can type how he wants. There is no rule against that. Anyway, lets get back on topic here :wink:

I’m Supposedly Getting It On The 16th. If Anyone Has Had One, Is It Worth The Money. Based Off Of What I Saw, Its A Great Panel For Those Starting Off With Actual Systems.

It certainly is! Just don’t hook up newer Simplex horns (1990s onwards) or Simplex sync modules to the NAC because they will die when used on FWR.

Thanks, I Read The Manual Inside And Out Down To The Fine Print. With All The i3's i have this will really make me happy. im just not excited that the programming is done with dip switches. As for simplex horns, will remote strobes get fried as well? I have a few 4904-9301's that i have yet to use.

Yes - the 90s-onward era Simplex signals (strobes and horn strobes) will fry if used on the MS-2 and any panel that outputs FWR. The reason this happens is because those signals do not contain circuitry found in other signals that compensates for the rather messy FWR current.

DIP switch programming isn’t terribly hard if you have the instructions either.

Best of luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us!

anything else i should not wire to it?

Anything addressable. MS-2 is a conventional panel and addressable modules/pull stations won’t work with it.

Thanks, Well Aware Of It Being Conventional. I Was Kinda Going On The Lines Of Alarms Not Compatible Such As The New Simplex Alarms Mentioned Earlier.

If you have a filtered power supply, you can use the panel’s relay (if it has one) to hook it up. I’ll let a professional post the nitty-gritties.