Do you dislike being close to the area that there in when they’re set off due to the loud sound? I do. I want to be pretty distant from them.

I trust professionals setting them off, not some ordinary high school bozos buying them at the store and setting them off practically in your backyard.

As for the noise, I don’t mind it. :smiley:

Our city has an Italian fest (being as we’re LARGELY Italian) every August and they USED to set off the fireworks literally right across the street from my house. Spectacular view, but pets don’t like it and car alarms kept getting set off. In addition to the fireworks, they lit off grenades every hour or so. Those were so powerful, pictures and whatever else was on our wall would fall right off and break once they hit the floor.

Last year, the festival was held on the other side of town, so the noise wasn’t as powerful. Hopefully they do the same this year…

I love loud noises. 8)

My neighborhood is kind of down in a valley, so we get fireworks shows in both directions every 4th. There’s a massive estate near us that puts on a professional-grade show every year too.

Although fireworks are technically illegal in the city, if you got caught with them/setting them off, the police would usually give you a little slap on the wrist, and that’s all. However, this year, because of the burn ban we are in, and also because of the fire that just burned almost 350 houses to the ground, this year they were really, really strict. I think they made 22 arrests or something like that.

Although the illegal for residents, the city itself would sometimes set off fireworks (depending on the fire conditions/budget/etc.). One time they put on a “laser show,” which was just plain awful, if I recall. The US Air Force Academy, located just to my north, would always put on a fireworks show, even if the city did not because of drought. This year, they did not, however. The local minor league baseball team actually sets of fireworks every Friday night following a game, and sometimes on the 4th as well, although they didn’t this year.

And as for the noise, I used to hate it when I was a really little kid, but now, I don’t mind it.

In Wisconsin, we have been having a small drought, so when it came time for fireworks, the city was concerned that the ground might catch on fire with falling fireworks. Some other cities cancelled theirs, but my city kept on going, and the ground actually caught on fire for about a minute! But they had the fire department there to stop it.