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If only if only some people listen to what they preach…

I think it’s time Ben chose some new moderators. Oh that’s right, not even Ben comes on here anymore…

I was pushing for Ben to turn over full admin powers to Nick, although now I think another moderator is due the authority to be an admin but then again that person really does not want to be on here anymore. Whatever happened to the site overhaul that was discussed a while back? Nick your moderation skills are top notch… top notch my friend… (not)

I’m pretty sure that Ben has other issues in his life right now and he probably can’t come on the fourm that often…

Well, I’m not saying its right for Ben to not show up all the time, however, keep in mind that it is his site and he really has every right to show up or not.

Nice to know you are aware of what goes on in a 40 something year old mans life… How old are you?

I was unaware that the constitution gave the RIGHT to do that or not. It is his site and he has the assumed duty to check on its well being. Especially when he (a 40 something year old man) who attracts young children to the site should be here to check on their well being and make sure he is providing a safe community.

I see your point, and it certainly makes sense. Ben should be here to make sure things run smoothly, but like I said, you and others can complain all you want, but its Ben’s site and if he wants it to self-destruct that’s his issue. I mean really, people have had issues with this site in the past, so they left. Its a fu**ing forum people, on the internet! Not some form of government you can rise up against and overthrow. Some of you seem to have this “dictator mentality” where you feel that you should just jump right in and assume control. Ever heard of “Take it or leave it?”

That’s just right its an internet forum and last time I checked it was a dictatorship Nick sits there with a lock button and Ben sits there with his ban button. Where is the choice to vote Nick out? Where is the choice to vote Ben out? Not seeing it…

I have spoken to the mods in private even tried to speak to Ben about my issues and just about all went unanswered or unresolved. It took me harrasing Nick to get Ben to ban CoffeeandSugar for it to actually happen. I also pushed for closed membership application because of porn and spamming.

Don’t believe me? I have the AIM logs to prove it.

Think I don’t care about the forum? You wrong I do and if you want to see how a forum should be safely run and run fairly I might add take a look at the forum I moderate (not own) but admin/moderate and I think you will see I am a VERY fair mod who looks out for my members. You wont find that here. So yea … I will speak up.

Nick’s another story. Yes, there is a sense of dictatorship there, but to be fair, they are admins/mods. If you ban Ben the site is gone, so yeah, not as clean cut as it looks on paper.

I am not really in favor of banning Ben haha…

I would just like to see more leadership that’s all.

I would like to see Nick gone all together, Collin be more active as well as MJB and NickeyVee they all step in but I wish they would do it a bit more often.

Quite frankly Ben does not need to be around but if Collin or someone without an itchy finger could be granted Admin powers that would be a great alternative.

Think of the site like an apartment… You want your landlord around when you need him Ben is our landlord we use his space and when stuff goes awry he should be around :slight_smile:

I wonder how long before this topic gets locked… :roll:

Yah, maybe we should hold a bet… Anyways, all matters of Ben being here aside, everyone has to really work hard at keeping in mind that being a part of this site is optional. In regards to the whole dictator thing…well, people rise up against dictators because forms of government have an effect on people’s lives. The site on the other hand does not, or at least it shouldn’t. So to make a large point short, poeple should stop complaining, if the issues here cause you that much trouble, just leave, take a vacation from TSW, or whatever the hell makes the complaining stop.

And yet the issue gets ignored again.

Love it.

As per the lock I guess you missed the fact that he was talking about Nick in a smart ass way.

Uh actually it is you that missed something, did you not see my sarchastic remark about “putting a bet on it”? I was referring to putting a bet on how fast it would take Nick to notice and lock it. The rest of my rant was pertaining to the discussion previously held.

lol ok …

Bumping to clarify: Ben is only 29, not 40-something.

Sorry (kind of) for the necrobump (and now doublepost) guys. It was just annoying me that Schumin is being potrayed as some creepy guy who hangs around little kids (especially by another forum where 90% of the posters are under 18) when in reality most posters here are young adults.

Back on topic: I wonder why Ben doesn’t show up anymore, seeing he is active on the rest of his site. :expressionless:

Probably because he’s been figured out.

ALL the other forums have been started by teenagers. Not adults. And it’s them who find it weird to being with. People left this site because they did not feel comfortable, did not like the leadership and were sick of the overall membership. All three other alarm forums started by members here all three of which I am an admin and moderator of at their request. We have zero tolerance for younger members putting them self’s at risk on the web we also try to convince the younger members to not give out their address to anyone without their parents involvement. Instead here you have Ben who apparently trades (traded) devices with young members in turn exchanging addresses. Yea… seems fine for a pre-teen to be sending their address to some guy on the web. NICE!

You know his exact age and how active he is Ummteen? Stalking is not cool…

well… this is special!

[quote] You know his exact age and how active he is Ummteen? Stalking is not cool.... [/quote]

It’s on his TSW profile page. My age is posted on my profile as is most other posters.
TSW was originally started in 2003 (in 2007 the forum was updated and rebooted). That means he started this forum in his early twenties, which isn’t that weird.