Glitchy's Collection (Updated 11/6/22)

This is a list of my entire fire alarm collection, along with miscellaneous parts and other things.

This list will update every time I get a new device. New devices will be in bold. Photos will be posted when I get time to do so.

Thanks for checking out my post!

Last Update: 8/22/2022, new bell and rare horn


Simplex 4903-9101 strobe plate, 2901-9838? horn, backbox (from old school, first device)
Simplex 2903-9001 light plate, 2901-9806 horn, backbox
Simplex 4040 (beige, black tag)
Simplex STR 4027 single-stroke bell (NIB)
Simplex 4060-8 w/ original gong
Simplex 4051 (from VibratoneKing)
Simplex 4050
Simplex 2901-9833
Simplex 4025-13 Chime (NEW!)

System Sensor P1224MC (no backplate)
System Sensor P2WL (no backplate)
System Sensor SCRL (no backplate)

Wheelock MT4-115-WH-VNS (NIB)
Wheelock MT4-115-R

Standard Electric Time MAJ-6 bell (rare, from old school, first device)

Edwards 156G 3" Monitor Bell
Edwards 439D 6AW Fire Bell (2x)
Edwards 340-6N5 Adaptabel (NEW!)

Federal Signal Vibratone 350 B1 (2x)

Ademco SD-10 10" bell w/ backplate

Western Electric 392-L school bell (Rare)

Faraday 5410 (beige, silver/orange label)
Faraday 5970 (NEW) (RARE, beige, 120VAC)

Pull Stations

Simplex 2099-9754 single-action pull station (NIB)
Simplex 4251-30 double-action pull station (Rare, NIB, circa 1978)
Simplex 4251-111 (NEW!)

FCI MS-2 (x2)

Edwards 270-SPO

Fire-Lite BG-8

Kidde 84-330001-001

Misc. Parts

Federal Signal PR2 double projector (red, old logo)
Federal Signal FG Flush Grille (x2) (beige, old logo)

Faraday cat. 5001 single-projector (Rare, beige)
Faraday cat. 5002 double-projector, NIB (NEW!) (Rare, beige)*
*wrecked box

Simplex 2905-9901 Flush Mount Grille (NEW!) (red) (x2)
Simplex 2905-9903 Semi-Flush Plate (red) (NIB)
Simplex 2905-9903 Semi-Flush Plate (NEW!) (NIB, spartex)
Simplex 2905-9909 Concealed Conduit Flush Plate (NEW!) (red) (NIB)
Simplex 2905-9902 Flush Mount Grille (NEW!) (beige)
Simplex 2905-9904 Semi-Flush Plate (NEW!) (beige)
Simplex 4299-3 Mounting Box (NEW!)

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If possible, would you mind sharing pictures? Of course, I could google it, but it’d be nice to see them, the state they’re in, maybe if you kept them on a shelf or something.

I’ll have to work that into my schedule. It’ll take a bit to photograph my entire collection. But I will for-sure post some photos of the 4040 tomorrow.

Most of my collection is on a steel shelf in my room, I can’t properly display my devices on it, but it gets the job done.

All of my NIB devices are stored in their original boxes for preservation.

On a side note, I recently purchased a Faraday 5410 (120VAC) with a rare 5001 single-projector attachment. I just bought it today, so it’ll be a while until it gets here.

Thanks for checking out my collection. :slight_smile:

No problem. This is probably the only forum I can think of where many people get together to geek out about fire alarm devices. It’s kind of what we do here, LOL.

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Here’s some photos of my 4040.

4040 A1, 6VAC, 1.8 A

I’m not sure what this number’s purpose may be, but I think it’s a date code.


Faraday 5410 w/ 5001 single-projector (beige)

5001 single-projector

Faraday 5410 (120VAC 0.21 A)

Horns. Are they gray 'coz they’re older, or were they painted red at one point?

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier.

Faraday and Simplex had two colors available for their bells and horns: beige and red.

Red devices are most common, since red is the standard color for fire alarm NAs.

Beige was probably used for general alarm (e.g. mounted on a piece of equipment as a warning device, or class change) or for aesthetic.

I think beige went out of style in the 80s either because of NFPA rules or manufacturing costs. They were made before my time, so I’m not entirely sure…

They’re both in their original paint.

I still install a lot of beige and white System AV devices.

You’re right. I should’ve worded that better.

I meant the older-style beige in my last comment.

I don’t see a lot of white/beige devices in my area, so that’s probably why I said that. Generally, where I’ve seen white/beige devices in service, they’re used for general alarm.

I do have a few white devices in my collection, but they came from places where dad worked.

New Devices! + updated pics

I finally got around to taking some pics of my collection. Some devices are still in storage for the time being, so I didn’t take any photos of those.

Wheelock 7002-24 (from Brooklyn, NY)

Manufactured in May, 1979

Couch F650 (125 VAC-DC) (original key)

26 October 1971

UL plate

This is the Federal Signal PR2 my 4040 came with.

Simplex 4060-8 w/ 6" Gong (1.2 VDC)

The text has faded after all those years in service.

Simplex 2903-9001 light plate w/ Simplex 2901-9806 and backbox

Now for some NIB items.

Simplex 4251-30, circa 1978

Oldschool Hudson B keys

Simplex 4027 Single-Stroke Bell (230 VAC, NIB)

The paint’s chipping off a bit, sadly… Still beautiful.

I also got some vintage mounting hardware.

Faraday 3028 Flush Mount Box (NIB)

Two Federal Signal FG flush grilles with the same finish as my 4040

Simplex 624-452 SF Semi-Flush Plate (red)

The classic Simplex “Globe” logo

This poor Kidde B4 has seen better days… I kinda want to restore it.

And finally, the devices that started it all for me.

Simplex 4903-9101 w/ 2901-9838/9846 and
Standard Electric Time MAJ-6 6" bell

I got both of these devices out of the old school in my hometown.

The SET bell could’ve been part of the 1959 addition’s fire alarm system. Either that, or SET 4-350s or Simplex 4040s/41s. I’m not too sure, unfortunately…

The Simplex horn-strobe was probably installed around the early 90s, as the school had a Simplex 4020 FACP.

This 2099-9754 isn’t from the school, but was one of a few different types of pull stations in the building. (A BG-12, some newer dual-action stations, and an Edwards 270-SPO in the '53 wing.)

I got this one new-in-box, but I put the box in storage for now.

Sorry for the barrage of posts… lol

One more thing…

My recent collection goal is to find all of the beige/red variants of vintage Simplex and Faraday horns, projectors, and flush grilles and semi-flush plates.

Simplex 4050 fire alarm horn test (Beige flush-mount grille)

Standard Electric Time Fire Alarm System at Firestone High (by Old School Fire Alarms)

That’s it for now.