Got to pull a fire alarm for a real emergency!

Wow, I haven’t been on this forum for a long time (2 years or so?) and even then I only made a few posts. My apologies if a thread like this already exists, but I couldn’t find one. Anywho…I had something happen this weekend that made me think of this forum! I got to legitimately pull a fire alarm!!! And not as a test either…… Here’s the scoop:

So Saturday I was leaving my apartment with my brother to head to a concert and we heard someone’s smoke detector sounding. I wasn’t really worried about that because that happens all the time (Boy cried wolf? Anybody?). But as we were walking out, we passed by the “beeping apartment” and a window was open – with white smoke coming out of it!!! (Especially scary because this unit was 3 doors down from mine!!!)

We knocked on the door several times…no answer! The smoke was pretty thick and no answer, no noise inside like someone putting out a fire or something. So my brother called 911 on his cell and I ran to get the manager. I wasn’t even thinking about fire alarms, but as soon as I passed a pull station, I stopped and decided to give it a pull. Then I continued on to get the manager since she would need to provide the key to the unit. Funny thing is the manger initially wanted to open the door, but I stopped her telling her to wait until the fire department arrives (unit on fire + opening door = WOOSH!). Best to let the guys in turnout gear handle that…

For those curious about the fire: Turns out it was food in the oven! No fire, just lots and lots of smoke! The fire department went in and found the occupant of the unit asleep or passed out on her bed. She’s had a history of illegal drug use (She once knocked on my door and started babbling about Thanksgiving dinner – this was in May!!!), so she was probably all strung out on heroine or something. Most likely she was passed out, because I heard the firefighters inside having trouble waking her.

But yeah, I’ve been interested in fire alarms ever since elementary school (not as detailed as most people on this forum though) but that was my first official time to pull one. Thankfully it wasn’t a major event though and nobody was hurt – but at the time we didn’t know what was going on, so I figured better safe than sorry.

For those curious about the alarms themselves (I’m sorry, since I’m not as technical as other people, I don’t know stuff like model numbers and such) they are the old style Edwards pulls (the ones with the break rods – the one I pulled was missing its rod). The NAs are Wheelock bells on the outside of the building (one right outside my door…owie!!!), one really old ghetto looking bell that is considerably higher pitched-sounding than the Wheelocks (not sure what the brand is). There is also one 7002T in our commons area but I’ve never had the “pleasure” of hearing it go off.

Sounds like you did exactly what you should have done.

And that is the reason why local alarms exist in the units.

Sounds like ya live in a great place…

I salute you; looks like you learned a lot about fire safety to do these kinds of good actions. :wink: