Happy Halloween!

So, how are you people going to celebrate this holiday? This year, my family is busy with work and we are not going to pass out candy; as for me, I am too old to be “trick-or-treating”, especially with all the unhealthy candy and in Michigan, cold temperatures…

I’ve been having fun sitting on my ass all day. :stuck_out_tongue: With everything a mess over here, each city and town is determining whether they will postpone trick-or-treating for the kids. In many towns they are telling people not to go out until later this week or next week. My town is sort of going with the “go at your own risk” method.

The only thing I did today was dress up for work, as we had a costume contest (not too many people dressed up, btw). I’m now home by myself in my room. No candy for trick-or-treaters from this house (but then again, we hardly get people anyway - last year we only got like 3). Just planning on watching TV and relaxing for the remainder of the evening…


What is your age… or at least how about a range?

My friends and I almost did a haunted house… but the space got filled with furniture last minute so we had to cancel it.

Went to a couple Halloween parties, dressed up as Big Bad Wolf Daddy!

I also had some (SAFE) fun out in public today while in costume (hehe).

Man, I LOVE Halloween!

Wiley, you do not need permission to record a video like that in public. If anyone gives you a hard time they are in the wrong.

Glad you can still enjoy your self on a day that is meant mainly for fun and enjoyment. Don’t let anyone spoil it for you.