How do you wear your hat?

  • Straight forward
  • Straight backwards
  • Forwards with the brim to the side
  • Backwards with the brim to the side
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Ok another stupid topic :lol: . I seen this question on some other forums I visit, so I’ll post this here. How does everyone wear their hats? When I was in high school I usually wore it backwards with the brim to the side. I had alot of skateboarder friends and that’s how most of us wore it. I was a cross between a skater and a jock. Then I started wearing it forward with the brim to the side. The only time I wore it forward was on the baseball field, I tried to wear it as much to the side as I could before my coach told me to straighten it. I’m 23 now and I wear my hat forward with the brim to the side if its a fitted hat, if its a snap-back hat I wear it backwards. I guess I just like to wear things differently, just like how I wear my watch with the buckle side on the top of my wrist as I posted before.
My 17 year old brother Tyler always wears a snap-back hat backwards, even last week when we went out to dinner with our grandparents (he’s a very polite kid but he didn’t take his hat off when our parents suggested that he take it off at dinner).

I usually don’t wear hats but when I do, I wear them straight-forward

Same here, I hardly ever wear hats, but when I do, they are straight-forward.

Maybe half of the time I wear a hat. I switch off between wearing a fitted hat to the side and a snap back hat straight backwards. My girlfriend now hates when I wear it to the side, but she thinks its cool when I wear a snap back hat straight backwards, so I have been doing that more often, that’s the cool trend for high school kids too. A few years ago when I was in high school it was cool to wear a fitted hat and wear it sideways, now kids are wearing hats with the plastic snap on the back of the hat (which is worn in the front of the head). I happen to think it looks cool too. Maybe the plastic strap on the front of my head goes with my plastic watch which I wear with the buckle side on top of my wrist :lol:

I don’t think I have ever really owned a hat (I’m only 16), but I would wear mine forward but off to the side just a little.

im 13 and ive wore a hat 5 times give or take

By hat you mean like a baseball cap?
I used to wear those all the time, always forward.

Yes sorry I forgot to say what hat

We were not allowed to wear hats in high school. When I was 16 my first date with my new girlfriend we went to a nicer restaurant (nice but not too fancy) I had my hat on backwards to the side. Another customer came up to me and said I should take my hat off when inside and it looks trashy the way I wear it. I said as politely as possible I respect your opinion, I’m sorry if it looks trashy, this is how I wear it and I’m not going to take it off. It was cool in college that we got to wear hats. I’ll say I wore a hat half of the time. In college I wore it forward to the side if it was a fitted hat, if it was a snap back I wore it backwards.
I really never wore it straight forward except when my baseball coach made us straighten our hats and when I worked as a lifeguard we had a rule that hats had to be straight forwards but even those times I wore it slightly to the side, as far as I could go before someone said anything about it.

I’m pretty sure that MOST schools don’t allow students to wear hats.

my school dose not

A few years ago when I was in high school all we wore were fitted hats. Now all the kids wear are hats with the plastic snap on the back (the snap is on the front on the head since all kids wear them backwards). When I was at the mall the other evening there were dozens of teens with hats and all of them had a snap back hat on backwards. I have been wearing a snap back on backwards lately, I think it does look cool with the plastic snap on the front of the head, and it goes good with my plastic watch that I wear with the buckle side on the top of my wrist. My girlfriend hates when I wear my hat sideways but she thinks its cool with a snap back hat on backwards.

plastic snap back hats are the best hat that fits

I’ve worn what people call a “snapback” and wore it normally, the way it should be. Fully and comfortable on the head, not turned around.

Personally I think snapbacks fit better worn backwards but thats not the reason I wear them backwards, I just like the way they look backwards. The only problem with wearing them backwards is when in the sun the sun tan outline of the snap will show on the forehead when the hat is off.

Snapbacks tend to fit better because most of the time you can adjust them.

Thats why i like them so much.

My brother is in his first year of college now, he came back home for Christmas, and every time I seen him he was wearing his snap-back hat backwards. At Thanksgiving he was wearing it all day but he did take it off at the dinner table when he was asked to.

Fantastic, thank you for the update.

Sounds like he still has some growing up to do.