Have you ever gone into a restroom

Just to see what fire alarm NA was in there?

no not really

Never, not once.

Once, just because it was a Simplex system with 4904 simplex srobes.

Nope. But my elementary school had 4904 strobes in all of the restrooms (except the cafeteria/gymnasium restroom).

All the time, except for school.


I assume either:

a. It’s the same device that’s in the rest of the building.

b. It’s the remote strobe variant of the NA’s in the main building.

When I do go into the restroom I find that I’m right 90% of the time!

I always just assume that it is the remote strobe version of the alarm, also. It is common for restrooms to have remote strobes, and designers/engineers like to have the alarms matching in new installs, so that would be the obvious choice.

Same here

Yep. However that is not always the case. There is a HomeGoods store in my area that has white ceiling-mount Spectralert classics in the rest of the building, however it has a remote strobe that is a red wall-mount wheelock RSS in the restroom. I find such odd.

I’ve been to some stores that have old fire alarm systems with pre-ADA strobes that have no NA in the restroom.

on rare occasions.

Speaker/Strobes obviously have to be in the bathroom because you can’t hear them from the outside, but I don’t get why horn/strobes have to be in the bathroom. If I found a 9219 in the bathroom like NewAgeServerAlarm’s middle school, I would run out screaming.

Yep but a horn is too much In a small restroom

I’ve been to a Barnes & Noble in Orlando that as 7002T’s, and a GXS strobe in the restroom on the ceiling. The strobe must have been added after the initial system was installed.

Our local drugstore here in Austin has SpectrAlerts in the main sales floor and Gentex GXS strobes in the restroom. (the type that have the faceted lens)

That Barnes & Noble had the new faceted lens, too.

I never saw a GXS in person before, but I think it would be pretty cool in the restroom.

Whoops! I didn’t mean faceted, I meant the transparent lens. I think it was the newer kind with the reflective backing in the strobe.

They also have them at my school to match the SHG’s, but they don’t look really nice, in my opinion.

So a Gentex SHG is horn/strobe, GMS is horn/strobe, HG is horn only, GXS is strobe only. Have there ever been a SHG strobe and GMS horn only?

I imagine there has been a GMS horn, but not a SHG strobe, because the GXS is the matching remote strobe for the SHG, GMS, etc.