Hello Everyone

For 10 Years I was Afraid of Fire Alarms but last year I started a Collection.

Here is My Collection.

I have a Commander 4 Horn Strobe but I got it after I took this Picture.

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Thats a nice little collection you got there

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Yeah, that’s how some of us got into this community to begin with: we faced our fear in a somewhat-unusual manner.

Indeed: a good start for sure!

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Nice collection there! I agree with being afraid of alarms for a while, but once you start collecting, you start loving them.

That is exactly how I became an enthusiast! Though, I need to get more stuff for my collection, but you have a great start!

Just an update a small percentage of My Collection are Uncommon Alarms.

The Alarm with the 2 Projectors is a Faraday 611. So Far I haven’t found any Information on it but so far I think I might be the Only Enthusiast with one

The Bell is a Vanguard V5-40. This was My First Alarm and Got it long before I became an Enthusiast.

And the Advance is a P2RH. I haven’t seen many Enthusiasts with one.

And the BG6 has the Fire Lite Logo in the Handel. And that is the only one I’ve seen that has that.


Here is a Video of My 7002T-24. I got it for My 16TH Birthday this year.